A custom hand built wheel can give you the strength & durability or lightness & speed that is hard to match in a stock or machine built wheel. Jim has over 25 years of experience building custom wheels and has even taught classes on the subject. It's another one of those things he really enjoys doing. In fact he is so confident in his wheel building skills that he offers a lifetime guarantee against spoke breakage to the original wheel owner.

Jim will discuss your wheel needs with you and make recommendations on your choice of hub, rim, spokes and lacing pattern. Hub choices include Campagnolo, Shimano, Phil Wood, Chris King, DT, Velocity and others. All custom wheels are built with DT spokes, or Sapim CX-Ray for race performance wheels. They are laced, trued, stress relieved (a minimum of 6 times) and tensioned with a DT Swiss Tensiometer.

Of course if you have an existing top level hub, this can also be used to lace with your choice of new rim and new spokes. We do require that any older hub be overhauled and inspected prior to build so as not to install a bad sub-component into your new wheel system.

Contact us to schedule a wheel building consultation and/or quote.